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At Machyna, we are building intelligent edge devices for the AI-driven retail world.
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Instant Checkout
No more waiting in line—fast and contactless shopping.
Anti-theft Protection
Every item is cross checked with weight. A camera captures each shopping session.
Data analytics provides tailored ads while the SmartCart user is actively shopping.
Cross Selling
SmartCart presents relevant product suggestions based on the cart’s items.
Barcode Recognition
Recognize retail packages in any language and in challenging conditions.
Data Services
Interactive AI suggestions support shoppers with meal plans and shopping goals.
Recoup SmartCart investments in less than half a year.
14+ Hour Battery
Swap used batteries with charged batteries at the end of each day.
  • Scalable to over 1,000,000 products with no model retraining ever
  • No store infrastructure modification
  • Over-the-air software management
  • Modular software and POS integration
Optimal & Efficient
  • First full-sized smart shopping cart
  • Frictionless checkout experience using AI barcode recognition
  • Nestable smart cart design
  • Lightweight, low-power, and low-cost
How to
Grab a SmartCart. Make yourself comfortable—place reusable bags and personal belongings in the cart.
Sign In
Scan QR code or enter phone number to access the cart. Load saved shopping lists.
Smart Shopping
Add items to the cart by presenting the barcode to cameras and placing down in the basket.
Guided Shopping
Coupons, deals, recommended recipes, directions, and reviews are easily accessible while shopping.
Navigate to checkout area, where the checkout button will be enabled. Pay directly at the cart.
Grab groceries and leave the cart in the store.

Media Coverage

Machyna at NRF 2023 on Australian Financial review

Machyna at NRF 2023 on Yahoo! japan

Machyna at NRF 2023 on BFM tv's BFM Business

Machyna at NRF 2023 on TV Tokyo's Wolrd Business Satellite

Machyna at NRF 2023 on TV Tokyo's News Morning Satellite

Come join us at NRF 2023! find us at booth #662 in the startup zone

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